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By Van. Transfer.

You have got an opportunity to arrange your individual programs for walking tours, beach-bathing, sport and entertainment by your own. You only have to rent a scooter, motor boat or sailing-boat. It will make you independent and put you in a new and unforgettable experience. We'll be pleased to help you choose and specify your ideas for routes and interesting spots that are deserted to be visited.

Period Price in euro per day
1-2 days 180 EUR
3-6 days 175 EUR
7 and more days 170 EUR
Transfer airport Burgas-Sozopol:  
bus 8+1 seats 70 EUR/  the whole bus
bus 14+1 seats 140 EUR/  the whole bus
bus 19+1 seats 188 EUR/  the whole bus


For more information or booking please contact us:
Sofia, 67 Tzanko Tzerkovski Str., ent.B, fl.4, ap.8
Telephone: 0878 317 941; 0887 600 869
Open hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-18:30
e-mail: or use on-line rezervation form