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Emergency Phones in Bulgaria
First Medical Aid - 150
Fire - 160
Police - 166
Car Accidents - 165
Road Duty at Union of Bulgarian Motorists - 1286, 146
Mountain Monitoring - 02 955 5665
Life Saving Service - 02 955 6045

We highly recommend you to print these phone numbers before going to Bulgaria.

Get a tourist health insurance for Bulgaria from your local insurance company to make sure that any medical expenses will be covered. First aid and standard medical help in Bulgaria are free of charge. Dental services are not. You can get dental service from both private and state clinic/dentists in Sozopol. For more information, please ask on the reception desk in Calisto travel Sozopol office.

Medical Station 24 St Cyril and St Methodius St, Tel 231
Dental Surgery 7 Republikanska St TeA 376

Pharmacy, 29 Apolonla St, Tel 329
Drug Store Republikanska St C-6
Optical store 15NeptounSt B-3

Services in Sozopol

Petrol Station - 2 km from town

Valentina Arabadzhieva, Accountants 4 Temenouga St, Tel 17-21 C-2
Elektra - D Kostov Pty - 659 16KoulataSt B-4
Zhelev 7 Zhuliana, sole traderArt Gallery Video library 3 Koulata St B-4
National Real Estate Exchange -Sozopol branch 4 Apolona St, Tel 543 B-4 Sea delicacies, 27 RepubllkanskaSt .Tel 17-21,365, Tel /Fax 17-68
Kolyo Kolev, sole trader Ice-cream production 40 Milet St, Tel 817 C-3
Slavyanka Canning Factory Fish Processing, 11ndustnalnaSt.Tel 262,273 B-6,7
Sozopol Ltd , Tourism, trade, etc 35 Apolonia St, Tel /Fax 05514/316 C-3
Chernomorski Ribolov Ltd Industrial fishing and trade, Tel 377, 334 - fish exchange A-5

Green grocery, Purvi Mai St C-7
Mitko Metodiev Cholakov - Brada+a, sole trader
Food shop and coffee shop, 53 Mousala St, Tel 18-96 Working hours 700-2400 A-7
Industrial goods store - Hello Tours, Khan Kroum Sq B-5
Clothes, 27 Milet St, Tel 19-47 C-3
Multl - Art, 12 Mllet St C-3
Minimarket.13St Cyril and St Methodius St C-3
1001 Nights-Shop
Bonzur commodities, video library Republikanska St C-6
Shop-faince, terracotta, building materials 13 OdesaSt C-7, 8
Food shop 54 Apolonia St C-2
Union of Bulgarian Artists - Souvenir Shop 17 Apolonia St Tel 368 B-3
Foodshop.SUNION" 13St CynlandSt MethodlusSt Working hours 800-2000
Supermarket 30 Apolonia St, Tel 557 C-3
Diego-61 Trading House 3 Republikanska St, Tel 870 B-6
Art Gallery - Hrisopulous Boutique, 21 ApolonlaSt, Tel 596 Working hours 9.00-21.30 B-3
Chouchelev Shop Gifts, Industrial goods 33 Apolonia St C-3
AVC Shop 43 Apolonia St C-3
Am Shop 41 Apolonia St C-2
AlepouP1y Fishingtackle&Gear,3Hris+oBotevS+,Worknghours 8.00-13.00, 16.00-19.00 D-6
Bazar B-4
Bazar Khan Kroum Sq B-5
Bazar Ropotamo St D-8
Cooperative Market Khan Kroum Sq B-5
Kith Shop, 51 Apolonia St, 53 Apolonia St C-2
Body Shop Second-hand goods, 15 Kapitan Petko Voivoda St
Food Shop and wholesaler 4 Yam Popov St C.D-6
Food Shop, 51 Ribarska St B-2
School, Kavatsite St ,Tel 535,505 C-7
Zdravets Kindergarten, Odesa St, Tel 256 D, E-6
Snezhanka Kindergarten, 38 St Cyril and St Methodius St, Tel 447 C-3

Auto - electrical repairs, 30 Kavatsite St B-7
Diamant Pty Sozopol Beauty Parlour, 12A Anaximander St Working hours 10.00-17.00 C-2
Lighter filling, OdesaSt D-8
Forex Office, Dimitur Toshev St C-8
Scraps Purchasing, Dimitur Toshev St B-8
Topllvo - Stroitelni Materiall Warehouse C-9
Sozopol Ltd Tourist Agency Khan Kroum St TeA 17-84 B-5
Pinela.51 ApolonlaSt C-2
Window-glazing Pun/I Mai St D-6 14-TonoP+y Goldsmilh 2YuniPopovSt TeA 560 working hours 930-1830
Photographic Studio, 2 Stara Planina St C-7


Sozopol Municipality, Tel 312 (mayor), 280, 281
Fire Department Tel 160
Police Stara Planina St, Tel 215
Post Office, Apolonia St, Tel 121,144
Post Office - branch Yam Popov St, Tel 216

Bus Terminal, Khan Kroum Sq
Sea Port Sea Terminal Kraibrezhna St, Tel 221, Telex 364

Sozopol Information Bulletin of the Municipal Administration
Honzont Independent private newspaper 2A Ropotamo S+, Tel 590

State Savings Bank ( DSK), 2 Apolonia St, Tel 363 B-5


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