Resume Builder AI-platform Rezi adds new feature AI Writer with GPT-3


Resume Builder AI-platform Rezi adds new feature AI Writer with GPT-3 Rezi, a resume builder software platform, has added a new feature, Rezi AI Writer, which will help you write the perfect resume with the help of text generation AI and billions of data points.

Rezi, is a Korea-based startup, that focuses on writing resumes based on the best practices of ATS (Applicant Tracking System) used by all large global companies, utilizing AI-based features such as AI keyword targeting and AI Writer. This is a representative resume software that guides you through the format and writing method of your resume. As a job seeker, you can either import your Linkedin profile to create a resume in Rezi, use their ATS-approved resume templates to get it started or create a resume from scratch with a few clicks.

Now with the new and added feature, Rezi AI Writer, Rezi will help you write the perfect resume with the help of text generation AI and billions of data points. Rezi AI Writer is the latest feature of Rezi powered by the new AI technology called GPT-3, and it helps to generate unique resume content based on the user’s job title. As the user begins to enter information, Rezi will suggest the best way to complete the rest of the information automatically. Magic.

GPT-3 (Generative Pre-Learning Transformers 3rd Generation) is a language prediction model created by an artificial intelligence for-profit organization co-founded by Elon Musk called OpenAI, and has been mentioned as the most important and useful development in the world of artificial intelligence for many years. The above technology generates text using a pre-learned algorithm while receiving all the data necessary to perform the task. 570 GB of text information collected by browsing the Internet (CommonCrawl) and Wikipedia, selected by OpenAI, provides text based on data.

Rezi CEO Jacob Jacques said, “After personally reviewing over 3,000 resumes over the past year, I’ve found that writing a high-quality resume without using expensive resume writing services is a difficult challenge. We launched Rezi AI Writer because job seekers desperately need a way to write a better resume.”

Since launching in September of 2019, already 120,000 job seekers are using Rezi’s software as a tool for managing and writing resumes because of their high reliability, and even using it to write cover letters. Avi G, hired by Amazon thanks to Rezi, said, “Rezi was a feature-rich minimal experience. Rezi helped me focus on content instead of resume formatting and that was exactly what I needed to successfully get my foot in the door.”

Existing Rezi users have a history of receiving interview offers from leading global companies such as Airbnb, Google, Spotify and Microsoft. Top global universities such as Seoul National University, and The University of Wisconsin – Madison also support students with Rezi’s resume software.
Rezi offers three different price plans, along with a lifetime single payment plan for only $49 for only 300 subscribers during their Rezi AI Writer launch special.


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