All you need to know on Eunseo Bot Commands

Eunseo Bot Commands are basic text commands that are used to activate certain actions within the Eunseo chatbot. These commands are one of those which belong to the custom bots group. Eunseo Bot Commands are a strong set of tools that can assist you to manage your Discord server.

Eunseo Bot Commands are accessed through the eunseo command. To look over a list of all accessible commands, simply type eunseo into your Discord chat bar. This will bring up a list of all accessible commands, as well as a short detail of each one.

How to Use Eunseo Bot Commands

How to Use Eunseo Bot Commands

If you’re a beginner to Eunseo Bot, welcome! This guide will teach you the basics of how to use the bot’s commands.

First, let’s take a look at the command structure. All Eunseo Bot commands start with a forward slash (/) followed by the command name and arguments.

For example, the command to generate a new task is /createTask.

Now that you know how to format commands,

Most Commonly Used Eunseo Bot Commands:

/createTask: This command let you to create a new task. Simply provide a name and destails for your task and eunseobot will create it for you. You can optionally paticularize a due date and time for your task as well.

/editTask: This command permitt you to edit an existing task. Simply provide the task ID and ecpected changes and eunseobot will make the changes for you. You can use this command to change the name, description, or due date of an existing task.

/deleteTask: This eunseo Bot command let you to delete an existing task. Simply provide the task ID and eunseobot will delete it for you. Please jote  that this action cannot be undone!

/completeTask: This command allows you to mark a task as complete. Simply provide the task ID and eunseobot will mark it as completely for you. The task will no longer turn up.

Other Commonly used Enseo Bot Commands:

Some other commonly used Eunseo Bot Commands are !addrole and !removerole.

These commands can be used to add or erase roles from members on your Discord server. For instance, if you want to provide someone the “Moderator” role, you would use the !addrole command like this: !addrole @username Moderator.

If you ever need help with any of the Eunseo Bot Commands, feel free to join support server by typing !support into your Discord chat bar. Where hospitable staff would be more than glad to aid you.

Daily Eunseo Bot Commands

/workUsed to assert 100 gems every 20 minutes
/wShortcut for the /work command
/dailyUsed to assert 500 gems [1000 gems for premier and unlimited member] every 20 hours
/voteUsed to store up 500 gems after watching a brief ad every 12 hours
/balanceUsed to maintain your total gems and peanuts.
/cdsUsed to look the time remaining for the /work, /daily, and /vote command.
/questInspect on your daily, weekly and monthly quests for gems or peanuts.

Utility Eunseo Bot Commands

/helpQuick guide to eunseo
/rulesView the rules to the bot
/profilesView your personalized profile, see current cards, memberships, favorites, currently owned seasonal and event count, your own bio and now, your favorite featured card!
/profile user: discord idYou can check other user’s profile
/profile new_bio: insert new bioFor changing your bio
/profile featured_card: 12345You can put any card of your choice. Legendary cards [gifs] will not work though.
/eventUsed to view the current and upcoming event.
/lotteryCheck for any upcoming lottery events.
/opengiftOpen any gifts obtained from completing groups, eras or idols

Trade Eunseo Bot Commands

/aucUsed to check auctions. Comes with 6 filters: (query)(idol)(group)(type)(wishlist)(me)
/sell cardUsed to put cards on the auction market.
/sell lastSell the most recent card obtained
/bidUsed to place a bid on a card currently being sold. Please note that the minimum bid must be 50 or more gems from the current bid and cannot exceed triple the value of the current bid.
/tradeUsed to initiate a trade with another player.
/addUsed to add cards to a trade. Must be in a trade for this command to work.
/acceptUsed to complete a trade.
/cancelUsed to cancel an active trade.
/buyUsed to purchase an inventory expansion. Adds 500 card slots per 5000 gems. e.g. /buy item_name: inv_expansion
/craftUsed to craft any common card using peanuts.
/redeemUsed to redeem a premier or unlimited membership using your email. WARNING: please avoid using this command in public servers to avoid players potentially stealing your membership)

Alternatives to Eunseo Bot Commands

Alternatives to Eunseo Bot Commands

If you’re not a fan of using Bot commands in Discord, there are enugh alternatives available. Here are just some of the many options:

  • Use a different bot: There are plenty of other significant bots out there that can do everything Eunseo Bot can, and more. Just do a search for “Discord bots” and you’ll find some options.
  • Use Discord’s built-in features: Discord has a lot of great characteristics that can assist you manage your server, without requiring to use a separate bot. For instance, you can use roles to provide certain users different permissions, or use channel categories to help keep things manageable.
  • Use third-party tools: There are tons of great third-party tools that work with Discord, like Mee6 (which allow you automate tasks like giving users points for being active), or Dyno (which adds tons of extra characteristics to your server). Just do a search for “Discord plugins” or “Discord addons” and you’ll find plenty of options.

Pros and Cons of Using Eunseo Bot Commands

There are some  pros and cons to using Eunseo Bot Commands that users should be conscious of. The important pro is that the bot can perform a number of tasks automatically, including moderating chatrooms, giving customer support, and managing server infrastructure. This can free up a lot of time for users who would otherwise have to conduct these tasks manually. In addtion, Eunseo Bot Commands can be customized to fit the paticular requirements of each user, which makes it a very versatile tool.

However, there are also some drawbacks to using Eunseo Bot Commands. One potential downside is that the bot needs frequent updates in order to stay compatible with new versions of Discord. Moreover, the bot may occasionally experience bugs or glitches that can cause it to malfunction. In the end, some users may find the eunseo bot commands difficult to remember or use effectively.

Get the Most Out of Eunseo Bot Commands

  • First, you need to be aware of the different types of commands that are available. The most common type is the Command
  • Second, you need to understand how arguments work with Eunseo bot commands. Arguments are basically pieces of information that you pass along with a command in order to tell the bot what you want it to do.
  • Finally, it’s important to know that some commands can only be used in certain channels

Fix Eunseo Bot Not Working Issue

The Eunseo Bot not working issue might occur due to the bot server being down or due to your internet connection. All you have to do is first make sure that your internet connection is stable. And if it isn’t then alter to another network connection and see if the problem is solved.

Another way to fix the problem is by checking on the Invite Tracker Support Community Server. Also, make sure that you’ve given all permission to the invite tracker server to work effectively. You can modify the permission settings by going through the settings tab of Discord.


The post above taught us how to use eunseo bot commands successfully. These kinds of minigames on Discord servers became famous suddenly due to the two-year lockdown, and the people who play them are so hooked that they still choose bot games over battle and action games.

Eunseo is new to the market, but the bot’s stats show much better growth as a new game.

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