Angel 65 Keyboard: All you need in a keyboard

The Angel 65 keyboard and the pin-mount seamless keyboard concept are featured in this blog post, which happily covers everything you need to know about this great keyboard, from design to how it works. The

The keyboard will make any computer user or keyboard enthusiast. Let’s go over the main points to save your patience.


Humbert was the former OLKB Planck and is responsible for 65% of Angel Keyboard’s new form. The keyboard is customizable and has RGB backlighting.

What sets this design apart from the others is that it has PBT keys, plate-type CherryMX switches, and a metal casing. Also, thanks to the special “Skip” function, the user can quickly switch between levels without using the change keys.

I like this keyboard because the QMK firmware makes it easy to use. It also makes it very easy to change the method without needing to complete the keyboard. The 6° typing angle is also part of the design, providing users with an ergonomic typing experience.

Pin Mounting Method

The pin mounting method sets this keyboard apart from its competitors. Four pins are placed at the corners of the base to hold the board in place.

While keeping the pressure even at the edge of the slab, there is no height in the upper half of the building, allowing movement to the ground. This design ensures that the construction is robust and facilitates the replacement of necessary parts.

Aluminum Case

Angel 65 The metal body of the keyboard is unique. It not only has stability but also has advantages in weight and appearance. It is a portable keyboard that will not slow you down even when traveling or in different places.

My first choice is Winkey and WKL

Both Winkey and WKL options are available for the first row of the keyboard. With its two different types, it is suitable for both those who want to write differently and those who want to change the look of their keyboard.

Plate options include ANSI, POM, and Polypropylene (Black) (Acetal, White)

The Angel 65 keyboard is available in a variety of plate options, including ANSI, PP (Polypropylene, Black) and POM (Acetal, White). Depending on the plate you choose to use, this results in a variety of writing experiences.

 colors for  Angel 65 keyboard


E Black, E White, and Anodized Aluminum are the three colors available for the Angel 65 keyboard. It allows you to give your keyboard a unique look that will be seen by all.

What’s in the box?

When you purchase an Angel 65 keyboard, you will receive a top (Winkey or WKL), bottom, PCB (solderable, non-hot-swappable), board, and carrying case. Take your stylish keyboard with you wherever you go.

People can enjoy and have fun typing in a unique way with the new and beautiful Angel 65 keyboard model. It is the best choice for many users because of its design, many colors, and text replacement options.

Whether you’re a PC user or a keyboard lover, this keyboard will amaze you. If you are looking for the newest and coolest keyboard that can improve your typing, Angel 65 keyboard is a good choice. Thanks to its unique design and pin mount technology, this keyboard will help you day in and day out.

Angel’s Goodness 65 keyboard

I use this keyboard for homework and I am very happy. The buttons are a bit heavy, but this is to be expected when using a mechanical keyboard. Here are some of the advantages of using this keyboard:

Excellent Performance: It is easy to type accurately and quickly thanks to its special design, pin mount mechanism and many selection boards. The performance is excellent due to its special and amazing design.

Adaptive Design: Use a 6° angle when typing to provide an ergonomic experience and reduce hand fatigue. This is it’s adaptive design.

Is Light and Durable: The aluminum door makes it light and strong for those who often carry their keyboard with them. So for those who travel and for those who work in offices can easily carry this.

Adaptive Skin: You can customize the look of your keyboard to your liking thanks to many colors and top options. This feature will never let you get bored.

Angel 65 keyboard advantages and disadvantages

Angel 65 keyboard advantages and disadvantages


  • The distinctive design language and mounting style for pins.
  • Strong Design.
  • Different colors.
  • Various Plate Options.
  • Included is a carrying case.


  • is very expensive.
  • The keys are a bit heavy, but that’s to be expected from a mechanical keyboard.

Angel 65 keyboard Other Mechanical Keyboards Comparative Analysis

There are several reasons to choose the Angel 65 keyboard compared to its competitors. The stands out from most of its competitors due to its unique design and pinning method. The Keyboard also has a durable design that defies time. It is the best choice for many users as it has many color and form settings.

Finally, since the carrying case is included with your order, you can easily take your keyboard wherever you go. Angel 65 stands out with its unique features and design compared to similar keyboards. While there are cheaper options on the market, this keyboard is great and worth the money.

Whether you’re using a computer or a keyboard addict, this keyboard will work better than any keyboard.


1. What types of keyboards are used?

The keyboard uses Gateron mechanical keyboards known for their excellent feedback and durability.

2. Is the keyboard backlit?

Yes, the keyboard has RGB lighting that can be configured via the software included with the keyboard.

3.Is the keyboard programmable?

Yes, the keyboard has a programmability layer that allows you to customize the function of each key.

4. Does the keyboard have front keys?

No, the keyboard does not have arrow keys.

5. Is the keyboard worth the investment?

Yes, definitely worth the investment for anyone looking for a reliable and adjustable keyboard! Here’s the rest of the article: Mechanical keyboards that meet their needs. Its sleek, compact design and customizable features make it a good choice for those who value workspace efficiency and style.

6. How long will the Angel 65 keyboard last?

The keyboard features a durable aluminum and Gateron electronics known for their longevity. With proper care, a keyboard can be used for years.

7. Are the keyboards on the Angel 65 interchangeable?

Yes, the keyboard has hot-swappable keys, which means you can swap the keys without soldering. This feature is especially useful for those who want to try different keyboard types without buying a new one.

8. How is the typing experience of the Angel 65 keyboard?

Gateron mechanical keys on the keyboard provide smooth and tactile typing. The keyboard’s compact design takes some getting used to, but most users will find typing comfortable once they get used to it.

9. Is the Angel 65 keyboard compatible with Mac and Windows?

Yes, the keyboard is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems.

10. How does the Angel 65 Keyboard compare to other keyboards?

Compared to other mechanical keyboards in its class, the keyboard is relatively expensive. But its adjustable features, durable build, and consistent performance make it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for a reliable keyboard.


The Angel 65 keyboard has something for everyone, be it a writer, musician or actor. Designed with your needs in mind, it’s packed with features to help you work more accurately and faster.

If you have not used the Angel keyboard, we recommend you to use it now. If so, please tell us about your experience. The Angel 65 keyboard is the perfect choice for gamers looking for a mid-range gaming keyboard on a budget.

It has many features that make it great, with ten-key rollover, 64 million colors and one-button RGB lighting, macro functions and programmable features. Its well-crafted ergonomic design and removable palm rest make it comfortable to use, yet durable and compatible with many devices.

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