Build Breathtakingly Beautiful Homes

Build Breathtakingly Beautiful Homes With

Atap .co A splendid home and a luxury car are what most civilians around the world want in life. Home is a special place for everyone. It speaks a lot about the personalities of people who reside in the house. People would love to have their homes beautifully designed and decorated such that it stands out and impresses visitors. A gorgeous and elegantly designed home is a symbol of prestige for all aristocrats.

About Atap

Atap is a Malaysian company that connects people who want to build a new home or redesign their existing one/ones with architects and interior designers in Malaysia via its website or online portal.

The company was founded in 2015 by Shen Maosheng and Seow Yao Han. The company’s website lists hundreds of interior designers and architects, the projects completed by them and their future design ideas. If one wants to design the interior of one’s home or build a new home, one can browse through the list of interior designers and architects on the company’s website, select one, fill in the required details and request a quote for the price.

The interior designer and/or architect will get in touch with that person within a few hours. One can view the completed projects and future design plans of the selected interior designer or architect to get an idea of how good he or she is. Once the given quote is agreed upon, it is just a matter of time before one’s dream home is realized!

The Road Map

On February 3rd, 2019 Atap raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from a Malaysian VC firm called, RHL Ventures.

The startup will use the funds to consolidate its presence in Malaysia and develop its physical experience center in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Don’t wait for your dream home, create it. Get in touch with the team today.

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