Oh Shit A Rat

Oh Shit A Rat

Oh Sh*t, a Rat’s in My House

Ah, the 3D animated rat. What’s not to like? The Instagram user who uploaded the video is threatening the rat in the video and repeatedly jumping next to it. The video has gained a significant amount of popularity, particularly in mid-May. After posting it on May 4th, the user has received more than 2.4 million views and 346,000 likes in just three weeks. Clearly, it’s a viral hit.


This episode is based on a true story: the nanny of a German Nazi who committed suicide for the children she loved. The story is told as a flashback in 1957. In one scene, a TV studio is being broken into and the two hosts walk into traffic, but they are saved by a friend. The next scene features a Chinese zodiac placemat that John and his mother used to use.


When someone says, “Oh shit, a rat’s in my house,” the person who posted the video is probably thinking of one of the most famous and viral memes ever. Despite being a completely absurd joke, the video gained significant popularity mid-May 2019 and has been viewed more than 2.4 million times and received more than 346,000 likes in three weeks. It’s now a viral video that can’t be stopped.

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