Precipitation Lake Wales Fl

Precipitation Lake Wales Fl

If you want to know what the precipitation in Lake Wales FL is like, here are some general guidelines to keep in mind. Here, you can find out the month with the least precipitation, the clearest month, and the highest temperature. For example, early November is the month with the least amount of precipitation, but the week of August 20th has four days with significant precipitation. You can also view the precipitation forecast for Lake Wales FL for any given week.

Chance of precipitation in Lake Wales

The climate in Lake Wales is typically mild with 51 inches of rain a year and 0 inches of snowfall. It gets about 240 sunny days per year. It receives ten inches of precipitation per year, which is a lot less than other parts of Florida. Rainfall in Lake Wales is usually falling as rain. There are some seasons that are more humid than others, including autumn and spring. In addition to rain, this area can also experience twilight and snowfall.

Clearest month of the year in Lake Wales

The clearest month of the year in Lake Wales, FL is November. The chance of precipitation is the lowest in November, which has zero days with significant precipitation. In contrast, July has the highest chance of precipitation with two days in the same week. The wettest month in Lake Wales is Autumn, with 46% of the year’s precipitation falling during this season. The driest month in Lake Wales is Spring, with only a 17% chance of precipitation.

Time of year with cooler water in Lake Wales

There are three distinct seasons in Lake Wales, with the warmer months extending into the fall and winter. Winters are typically cooler than summers, with the average water temperature below 69 degrees Fahrenheit. During the spring and fall, the water temperature in Lake Wales is a comfortable 65 degrees. The blue line in the graph above shows the monthly average, and the purple line represents the daily average. This information is helpful for planning a trip to Lake Wales.

Highest temperature in Lake Wales

The high temperature in Lake Wales FL ranges from seventy five degrees Fahrenheit at six in the morning to ninety two degrees at two in the afternoon. In other words, you can expect at least thirty percent of the year to be muggy. The best times to visit Lake Wales include late April through mid-June and early September to October. The hottest month of the year is August. This article will examine how to choose the best time to visit Lake Wales based on its temperature and wind conditions.

Weather in Lake Wales during hurricane season

Weather in Lake Wales FL during hurricane season can vary from day to night. During the hurricane season, the sun rises at 6:29 AM on June 10 and sets at 5:10 PM on November 5. The shortest day in Lake Wales is June 20 with an eight:26 PM sunset. Daylight saving time starts in Lake Wales on March 13 and ends on November 6 in 2022. For a full understanding of the weather in Lake Wales FL during hurricane season, see the table below.

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