San Francisco 49Ers News Jimmy Garoppolo

San Francisco 49Ers News Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo Is Back in the San Francisco 49ers’ Quarterback Position

With a recent injury to his right knee, it was thought that Garoppolo’s footwork had gotten worse. He may have requested his release from the 49ers or they could split the locker room. Some 49ers don’t like Garoppolo’s physical skills while others like Lance’s. Whatever the case, there’s a lot to watch in the coming days.

jimmy garoppolo’s footwork got worse after he tore his ACL

It was hard to watch Garoppolo in Week 2 as he started to get a feel for the offense and was sacked for a high ankle sprain. He hung in there and produced a lot, though his footwork got worse after he tore his ACL. He looked like he was coming back to life, and his confidence as a passer remained intact. He was even on the verge of having a big game, but he blew it midway through the game due to a high ankle sprain.

In the NFL, accuracy and trajectory are everything. If a ball is floating out of the pocket, that is a sign of poor footwork or a lack of followthrough in the throwing motion. A shaky knee is a red flag, and Garoppolo needs to get his feet planted before throwing the ball. Taking a couple of steps back can help him get back on the field quicker.

Garoppolo’s pay cut if the Browns go green for the trade

The Cleveland Browns are in need of a quarterback to start the 2022 season. Jimmy Garoppolo is a solid option for Cleveland, and he isn’t suspended. The 49ers’ other top options include Case Keenum, Baker Mayfield, and Jacoby Brissett. If Garoppolo were traded to Cleveland, the team would have nearly $48.5 million in cap space.

The 49ers could also benefit by keeping Garoppolo. Garoppolo is a familiar face with the offense and could potentially get another season as starter. If he’s released, the 49ers could table a Nick Bosa extension and move forward with a top-three pick in 2021. Despite Garoppolo’s pay cut, the 49ers still stand to be an NFC contender.

Garoppolo’s position on the depth chart compared to Kyle Allen and Jeff Driskel

If you’re wondering what Jimmy Garoppolo’s spot is on the 49ers depth chart compared to Kyle Allen and Jeff Driskell, you’re not alone. Many are curious about his position, too, and there’s good news for you. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the 49ers quarterback has recently visited orthopedic surgeon Dr. Neal ElAttrache, who is Garoppolo’s primary doctor. He’s been throwing for 4 weeks and is expected to gain full clearance to return to the starting lineup by mid-August.

The Texans have been quiet on the QB position since unloading Deshaun Watson, who signed with the New England Patriots in 2016. While the team has committed to Davis Mills, they’ve remained relatively silent when it comes to a quarterback depth chart. Instead, they have Jeff Driskel and Kyle Allen, two rookies who are due to make $1.6 million over the next three seasons. While Garoppolo’s potential to win the Texans over will be limited, he would at least make the team competitive.

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