Soft Rat Boy

Soft Rat Boy

It seems that everybody has a favorite rap artist. There’s a Rat Boy out there, but who is this little guy? Is he a musician or a small-time hustler? This article aims to answer those questions. Also, learn more about Rat Boy’s music. Let’s take a look at his career so far. Described as “the face of a disaffected youth”, Rat Boy’s songs are a mix of pop and rap.

Rat boy is a musician

If you’ve been looking for a new music artist, you’ve probably heard of Rat Boy. Known by the moniker Rat Boy, Jordan Bryan is an English musician who’s made quite a splash in the UK music scene. However, what makes Rat Boy so interesting is that he’s actually an Englishman. Let’s take a look at what he’s all about. Here, you’ll find out why you should check out his music.

He performs as Rat Boy

It is not every day that a singer/songwriter from the UK becomes famous, and that’s exactly what happened to Soft, whose debut mixtape will hit stores on March 20. The Essex-born rapper is an 18-year-old with an equally scabby name and lyrics. Although his real name is Jordan Cardy, he used to work at a Wetherspoons and was rejected by McDonald’s. But, despite his slap-dancing ways, his fans adore him for his songs.

He’s a musician

Chelmsford, Essex is a small commuter town just 30 minutes from London. The city of Chelmsford is home to the band Soft Rat Boy, who are mostly known for their witty and sometimes absurd lyrics. The band’s lead singer, Jordan Cardy, is also the group’s front man and lives on a farm 15 minutes outside the city. The band’s new home includes a large empty warehouse, which was recently rented by Cardy, who had to erect a small black sign stating, “FARM TOILET.” He has been slowly building out the raw space, including a recording studio with his father and brother.

He’s a rat boy

“Soft Rat Boy” is a new mixtape by an 18-year-old from Essex. His name is a misnomer, but his lyrics are nothing less than riotous. Cardy’s background includes a stint at Wetherspoons and a rejection from McDonald’s. His songs are about the pitfalls of youth culture, and are guaranteed to make you want to dance along. The album’s sound is distinctly punk, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

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