The famous game: Tag After School Android

Tag After School android has just now become a game that is being discussed and sought after by many gamers. This game is a game about a ghost school mystery story where our basic task as players is to expose the mysteries that exist in the school. Interestingly, the ghosts that we will encounter in this game are not frightening but have attractive body appearances. That’s why many people are interested in playing it.

But bad luck, the Tag After School android game cannot be downloaded through the official PlayStore platform. The developer of this game publishes it through APK download sites on the internet. Well, for those of you who are searching for a link to download the Tag After School APK game, now you don’t require to be confused anymore. Because in this article, Gamedaim will also discuss and share the download link. For that, you should listen carefully to the complete discussion below.

What is Tag After School APK


The game is story-based, and you must make decisions that affect how the plot unfolds.

Shota-Kun is suspicious about getting engaged in after-school activities. He must travel to the abandoned facility and confront his troubles. The player must help him in making the correct decisions and progressing through the game without getting into problems.

Tag after School mobile apk, a game centered on Shota -Kun, is available for Android users.Shota-Kun is apprehensive to participate in after-school extracurricular activities. He has no choice but to face his fears and trek to the abandoned facility. It is up to the player to help him in making appropriate judgments so that he may progress through the game without becoming stuck.

Tag After School Mobile Gameplay

Tag after School Mobile is fascinating, and you will feel as if you are in Shota-shoes. Kun’s You will sense his tension and urgency to make the correct decisions. Because you must make rapid judgments, the game will keep you on your toes.Tag after school Android is fantastic, and the plot is intriguing. The game has a particular perspective on high school life that will keep you hooked until the very end.It begins when Shota-Kun is forced to walk alone to school. The setting is quite realistic, and you can sense the tension in the air. The characters are also well-developed, with specific personalities.

There are no students at the school, which is completely free. Shota-Kun is terrified, and he must navigate his way through the school. He will encounter many rooms and passageways, and he will have to make decisions that will influence his fate.The player will help him in making the best decisions, preventing him from becoming lost or in difficulty. The game is really difficult, and you must use your brains to advance.

The Plot Has Depth

The main character in the game is a handsome, pure Japanese schoolboy named Shota-Kun. He has a scholarly appearance, warm but introverted. Therefore, in class he is always isolated, his friends bully him. One day, after being chased by a group of peculiar friends, he escaped into an abandoned school. begins. These female ghosts together “played” Shota-Kun with their signature chase game. The game starts and ends at 6am. If by this point, no one can catch Shota-Kun, he will be able to get home safely. On the contrary, if you can’t escape, imagine a handsome male student alone in the midst of many love-hungry ghosts. As a result, only playing Tag After School yourself will have the answer.

Features of Tag After School Android

  • Complete Characters & Storyline, you will meet a number of characters as the tag after school progresses and the storyline presented is also complete until the end.
  • HD Graphics Quality: If the game is blurry, it is certainly not interesting, but fortunately, the Tag After School game has presented HD graphics quality. So it is certainly pleasing to the eye. When playing this Tag After School game, you can enjoy a number of features available in it. You can use these features to play the game more quickly. What are the features? Check out the full information on exciting and Challenging Gameplay, presenting horror gameplay but still exciting and challenging to play. For those of you who want to test adrenaline, then this game is worth a try.
  • Simple Controls, You don’t need to bother learning mechanics or other controls in this game, because the controls available are quite simple and easy to understand.
  • Many Ending Options, in some chapters, you will be told to make choices and each choice has an influence on the storyline. So depending on the choice you choose will be the ending of the game.

Interesting Gameplay

Based on the plot details, your task in the game is to help Shota-Kun escape from this ghostly school. The tag ater school belongs to the horror chase series so you need to act to find the key and escape from this place. In the process of finding the key that opens the door of terror, you will have to act carefully. Instead of confronting directly, hide well so the female ghosts can’t find you. Move quickly and flexibly through many hidden corners gently to keep yourself safe. Do not know where the key is located, so you will have to move a lot. If you act recklessly, make a loud noise, the witch will find you. When encountering, they do not attack, but use the “beautiful scheme”. A strip of clothes, showing off her hot body to seduce you and start a torture plan.

Graphics and Sound

Tag After School android is not only creative in terms of content, but the game’s images and sounds also do quite well. Even if it’s just pixel art, everything is still clear enough for players to grasp. Especially about the character movement.

This part, the tag ater school is very focused, so everything is smooth and realistic. As an adult game tag after school, this contributes to stimulating the visual perception in the player’s eyes.

The sound with horror games of course cannot be overstated because it contributes to the drama and suspense in the experience. Tag After School android set up a realistic sound system, creating a creepy atmosphere with weird laughter. Sound integrated into hot scenes, just listening to it is enough to make your face turn red.

Therefore, it is recommended that if you are playing a game in a crowded place, you should wear headphones or turn off the sound to avoid attracting attention.

Lots of Enemies to Avoid

Not for nothing is the atmosphere frightening! Many adversaries lurk in the shadows, and you must be careful not to be discovered. The game tag after school android is really fascinating, and you will be on the edge of your seat the entire time. A woman wearing a crimson mask, for example, will occasionally emerge. She will murder you if you approach too close. To proceed, you must be awared and apply common sense.By fortune, the game will direct your every action. It comes with instructions and a map to assist you navigate your way around. Always be sure to follow the advice! This is the only way to avoid threat.

Well Simulated Environment

Tag After School android Mobile does an amazing job of recreating a high school setting. Every component has been well considered, and the tag after school has a really realistic feel to it.

Moreover, the game potras the impression of being alone in a huge campus. It’s really atmospheric, and you’ll feel like you’re actually in the game. The sound is likewise excellent and contributes to the anxious mood. It’s the ideal and main complement to the game.

Explore the School and Gather Clues

The goal of the game ag after school android is to detect Shota-lost Kun’s companion, and you should see around the campus for hints. The game is non-linear, so you can discover at your ease.

You can also pay no attention to some regions, but you risk missing critical clues. It is advisable to examine every nook and corner of the institution.

Simple Controls – Beginner Friendly

The Tag After School android Mobile’s controls are really simple, and even beginners will have no problem playing it. They are touchscreen tuned, sending a smooth and simple experience. There are no tough controls to push, and Shota-Kun may be shifted around with ease. The controls are also quite reactive, and you will never feel irritated with them.

Download Tag After School APK

As we mentioned at the beginning that this Tag After School APK game is not available on the official PlayStore platform. Therefore, the only way to download it is through an internet site.

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