What Are the Various Industrial Applications of Electronic Gas Regulators?

A device that helps you to control the pressure of the gas or any fluid is called a pressure regulator. Basically, the regulator is equipment that has built-in settings for the pressure that can be set easily once programmed. Nowadays, industries are highly subjected to the use of electronic gas regulator that automatically adjusts the pressures of the gas according to needs.


The regulator functions to manage the pressure of the gas passing through it. Using a precision air regulator lets the pressure of the gas at the output terminal be exactly equivalent to the pressure inside it. That is why low-pressure fluids or gases can be pushed with high amounts of pressure using this smart device. The working of a gas regulator depends upon the outlet ejecting gas. This is because when you set the desired outlet pressure, the valve will continue to maintain that pressure unless or until the equilibrium state is reached.

Applications of Electronic Gas Regulator:

The following are the major applications of an electro pneumatic regulator:

Air Compression:

Air compressors are installed to carry out various industrial tasks like blowing things, running air-powered tools, filling pressurized air in tires and balloons, etc. to smoothly perform these dangerous tasks, digital air pressure regulators are installed so that the air compression can be done at the rate that is needed to accomplish the task.

When a very large tank is used as a supplier of gas to all attached equipment, you need to install more electronic gas regulators so that the attached elements may get the right air pressure they need to operate.

Aerospace Engineering:

Advanced aerospace precision air regulators are used in Attitude Control Systems (ACS). This is because these particular systems need very high vibrations and temperatures which is only possible when the pressure is maintained at a relatively high level. This is because the pressure is directly proportional to the temperature.

Cooking Area:

The higher the pressure, the higher the boiling point. This is the case that is preferred when cooking is done at the industrial level. The pressurized vessels are attached to electronic gas regulators that are so smart to sense the pressure and maintain it very higher than the atmospheric pressure. This enhances the boiling point of the food and it gets cooked fast.

Water Pressure Reduction:

When an electronic pneumatic regulator is installed to balance the pressure of the water, it gets open when the internal pressure of the regulator is high. On the other, it gets closed when the external surrounding pressure is so high. This opening and closing let the regulator behave intelligently so as to maintain the overall desired pressure.

Breathing Gas Supply:

Breathing cylinders are used during diving in the deep sea. As deep as the diver goes into the sea, the pressure on the lungs is increased and you feel difficulty in breathing. This is why divers must take the oxygen cylinders which have electronic gas regulators built-in that automatically maintain the breathing pressure so that they could breathe easily.

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